$10 per regular monthly tournament.
100% of entry fees collected each season are distributed as cash prizes to the top 3 players in the season final.


Kindly donated by The Peacock Inn and Mountain Goat.
Winner: Carton of Mountain Goat beer.
Runner-Up: 6-pack of Mountain Goat beer.


The year is broken up in to three seasons: Autumn (Jan-Apr), Winter (May-Aug), Spring (Sep-Dec).

Players recieve points according to their ranking in each monthly event:
Points = Number of Competitors - Ranking + 1

Additionally, the top 5 players in each monthly event earn bonus points:
1st: 10 bonus points
2nd: 6 bonus points
3rd: 4 bonus points
4th: 2 bonus points
5th: 1 bonus point


Season finals are held on the third Monday in April, August, and December.
The 10 players with the most points in a season qualify for the season final.
Note: If there are less than 20 "valid participants" (that is players who have competed in at least 2 of the 4 monthly events in a season), the number of qualifiers to the season final will be reduced to 50% of the number of valid participants, rounded down.
Tiebreakers: a) Most points in a single meet. b) Most points in the most recent meet.

Players recieve a different number of lives for the season final depending on their qualifying position:
1st: 5 lives
2nd-3rd: 4 lives
4th-6th: 3 lives
7th+: 2 lives

Random head-to-head matches are drawn, with the loser of each match losing a life.
Last player standing wins!

Prize money:
1st: 50%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 20%