11-14 October, 2018

Argonauts Arcade
Upstairs at the Golden Fleece Hotel
120 Montague St, South Melbourne VIC 3205


Event #1 Keefer Strikes ($20 entry)
Thu 11/10 7:00pm-late.

Event #2 Argonauts Pinball Open ($25 entry)
Fri 12/10 Qualifying open from 12:00pm-8:45pm. Finals 9:00pm-midnight.

Event #3 Melbourne Matchplay Championship ($40 entry)
Sat 13/10 12:00pm-7:00pm: Matchplay rounds.
Sun 14/10 11:00am-6:00pm: Finals.

Event #4 Stall Ball ($15 entry)
Sat 13/10 8:00pm-10:00pm.

Event #5 Greg Berry Junior Cup (U16s only) FREE entry
Sun 14/10 1:00pm-3:00pm.

All events are endorsed by the International Flipper Pinball Association. All participants will receive World Pinball Player Rankings points.


Players may walk-up and register on the day of any tournament, subject to capacity.
All players who provide a pinball machine for the competition will be given a free entry into Event #3.


100% of entry fees returned as cash prizes and trophies.

(Events #1-3)
Trophies for top 4 finishers in each event.
Cash prizes for top 10 finishers in each event.

(Event #4)
Trophy for the winner.
Cash prizes for the top 4.

In addition, the winner of event #2 will win a super special secret prize, and the winner of Event #3 will receive a prize pack from RTBB.

There are also a bunch of "secret score" prizes in event #2. Get the closest to the secret score - without exceeding it - on a qualifying game to win one of these prizes:
2 x Deadpool Translites
2 x Iron Maiden Translites
2 x Guardians of the Galaxy Translites
Dialed In Translite Signed by JJP
Dialed In T-Shirt
Make Pinball Great Again Cap signed by JJP
Mr Pinball Polo Shirt
Karting Madness Voucher


Medieval Madness Remake
Dialed In
Indy 500
The Shadow
Black Hole
Star Trek Next Gen
Bally Playboy
Demolition Man
Safe Cracker
World Cup Soccer
Grand Prix (Stern)


Keefer Strikes (Event #1)

$20 entry fee.

Players will be randomly drawn to play in 4-player matches (and occasionally 2-player or 3-player matches).

Players will receive 0 strikes for first place, 2 strikes for last place, and 1 strike for any other position. Once players have received 6 strikes, they are eliminated from the tournament.

Argonauts Pinball Open (Event #2)

$25 entry fee. Note that this is NOT the regular Argonauts Monthly Quest, but rather an expanded, limited-entry format.

Qualifying will consist of single-player games. Each player will be allowed 15 qualifying attempts. Players may spread their 15 games across their choice of machines, with two stipulations: they must play at least 10 different machines, and they may not play any individual machine more than twice. For example, a player could play 5 machines twice, and another 5 machines once. 100-97-95-94... scoring system. All 15 scores will count.

Qualifying will be open from 12:00pm to 8:45pm. Players are encouraged to get their games in as early as possible to avoid any late rush. That said, I expect that anyone arriving by 6:30pm should be able to complete their qualifying games. No games may be started after 8:45pm.

20 players (or 50% of the field, whichever is lesser) will advance to the finals, commencing at 9pm. The finals will use a head-to-head strikes format, on randomly assigned machines. Players will receive a different number of lives depending on their qualifying position: 1st-2nd: 5 lives; 3rd-6th: 4 lives; 7th-12th: 3 lives; 13th-20th: 2 lives. If there is a tie for any meaningful qualifying position (i.e. 2nd, 6th, 12th, or 20th), a tiebreaker game will be played. Any qualifiers who are unavailable for the finals will not be replaced.

Players eliminated in the same round of the finals will be split firstly by fewest byes received, then by qualifying position.

Melbourne Matchplay Pinball Championship (Event #3)

$40 entry fee.

There will be a one-hour free practice session from 11:00am on Saturday. No practice or warm-up time will be allowed during the tournament.

The tournament will use a Target Matchplay format, in randomly assigned 4-player groups. 7-4-2-0 scoring (7-3-0 in any 3-player groups). The first 16 players to reach or surpass 50 points qualify for the finals. Once players reach the target, they no longer participate in qualifying. Groups will be redrawn after every match.

The first player to reach 50 points will be asked to choose a bank of machines, which will be removed from the Melbourne Matchplay Championship Finals, and used in the Greg Berry Junior Cup.

The first 16 players (or 50% of the field, whichever is lesser) to reach 50 points will qualify for the finals. Players will be ranked firstly according to how many rounds it took them to reach 50 points, then by their point total. If there is a tie for the last available place(s) in the finals (that is, players are tied for 16th on both points scored and rounds played), a single tie-breaker game on a random machine will be played.

There will be a half-hour practice session from 10:30am on Sunday. The finals will begin at 11:00am. Any no-show(s) will be replaced by the next highest available qualifier(s).

3 rounds of finals in 4-player groups.
Round 1: A.1v8v9v16 B.2v7v10v15 C.3v6v11v14 D.4v5v12v13
Round 2: E.A1vB2vC2vD1 F.A2vB1vC1vD2
Grand Final: E1vE2vF1vF2

4 games per round on 4 different machines. 7-4-2-0 scoring.
Top two from each group in rounds 1 and 2 advance to the next round. In round 1, the top qualifier in each group gets to "drive the bus", i.e. gets choice of machine or playing position for each game.
In later rounds, the two players in each group who advanced by winning their group in the previous round get two game/position choices each.

Players eliminated in the same round will be split according to the number of points they scored in that round. Ties for 2nd in any group in rounds one and two will be broken using a tiebreaker game, as will any tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the final round.

Stall Ball (Event #4)

$15 entry fee.

This will be run as a 4-strike format in 4-player groups. 2nd/3rd/4th all get a strike.

Players queue up behind the machine. The object is to stall the ball in a lock, saucer, or scoop, then move to the back of the queue. The next player in line takes control of the machine, and attempts to stall the ball themselves. (After stalling a ball, you should always move to the right, allowing the next player to come in from the left.)

If you move the wrong way, you are out.
If your ball ends due to a tilt or drain, you are out.

Stalling a ball during multiball doesn't count (though stalling a ball to start multiball does count). Drain down to one ball, then stall it.

The game ends when only one player remains.

Side Tournament: Assault on the Vault

There'll be a side tournament on Safe Cracker running all weekend.
Coin play: $2/game, with half going to the prize pool and the other half to Fiji Book Drive
Players aim to reach the Vault and earn a magic token. Inserting the token in the coin slot awards a magic credit, which can be used to play Assault on the Vault.
The top 4 Assault on the Vault scores as at 5:00pm Sunday take the prize money. 1st - 40%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%, 4th - 10%.

Greg Berry Junior Cup (Event #5)

Free entry. Under 16s only.
Each player will play a single-player qualifying game on each of four machines, followed by best-of-3 semi finals (1v4, 2v3) and finals.
Prizes and trophies provided by RTBB.


Where possible, extra balls will be disabled, and machines will be set to award points in lieu of extra balls and specials.
Any extra balls that are awarded may be played.
Machines will be set to tournament mode. Any other non-standard machine settings will be indicated by a sign on the machine's backglass.

All rulings will be made and malfunctions dealt with in accordance with the official PAPA/IFPA tournament rule set, found HERE.